Aren’t these brushes powerfully pretty? They’re the MODA Prismatics by royal as well as Langnickel.
Thinking great thoughts for all of you who are waiting on Irma this weekend (or Jose or Katia), or dealing with the aftermath of Harvey. There are likewise wildfires raging out west, as well as a poor earthquake hit Mexico.

Basically, it’s been a rough couple of weeks in this hemisphere. I hope it’s okay if we talk about fluffy things for a bit as well as perhaps take our minds off the heavy things.


I’ll go first: French toast. I’m craving it, however I don’t have any type of brioche in the house, which is a (minor) travesty, but…

רגע מה? You haven’t had brioche French toast?! ילדה. let me strike your mind. next time you make French toast, instead of utilizing routine ol’ wheat or white bread, make it with a buttery brioche.

I got a sliced loaf of brioche at TJ’s last week as well as utilized the whole thing of what [turned out to be] the very best French toast I’ve ever had. Light, fluffy as well as just the perfect amount of sweetness (like King’s Hawaiian wonderful Bread). I’ll never be able to look at non-brioche French toast the exact same method again.


חתולים & סווטשירט איפור ??

$ 42.

קנה עכשיו

In other news…

Today is a cleaning day. Bluh. however it has to get done, right? It’s so totally as well as totally uninspiring as well as boring, as well as I feel like the broken-est of damaged records speaking about cleaning yet again, however it never goes away. Huzzah, cleaning!

I want to clean the bathroom additional well since the Coywolf has expressed an rate of interest in potty training. She watches me, as well as I can see the bit gears at work trying to figure out what’s going on, so we’re gonna get that started. If you have any type of potty training tips, please decrease your understanding in the comments, since I requirement all the assist I can get!

Purr usual, I jotted down a few of the fascinating articles as well as blog posts I came across this week that I believed you’d likewise appreciate.

Got your coffee? בסדר בואו נלך.

NOOOOO! This is truly disappointing since I liked this magazine. Nylon is shutting down their print publication. Dang! I’m so bummed about this! It’s so irreverent as well as outrageously creative. I liked the beauty section.

Oh, the brights in these gorgeously pigmented liquid lipsticks from Dior look additional great!

No, I’m not making this sh*t up: somebody available believed that the women of the world needed to contour their vaginas, so they invented a vagina highlighter…

Do you ever shop at ASOS? When I was pregs with the Coywolf I bought a few pregnancy gowns from them. one of them fell apart after washing it once…but I used the other two all the time toward the end of her time in my tum. appears like they’re introducing a new ASOS makeup line. I believe the packaging looks extremely trendy as well as cute.

I’m happy to see my ride-or-die Surratt curler on this listing of finest eyelash curlers for different eye shapes.

Essie has ’90s vibes in their autumn collection.

Who else likes using berry shades in the fall? right here are 14 berry lip colors under $12!

Um…do you have $750 burning a hole in your pocket? If so, do you wanna buy the wig Vivien Leigh used in A Streetcar named Desire? I’m sure there’s somebody available who can state “yes” to these two things.

3 cruelty-free beauty products everybody needs

What function does climate modification play in the hurricanes sweeping the Atlantic?

Advice for women going with difficult times from a lady who lost her father, other half as well as had a miscarriage over a period of six weeks.

Cut these seven words from your vocabulary to noise more positive at work.

Black Mirror is on this listing (YES!) of British TV shows you should be watching.


I hope you as well as your households are risk-free as well as noise this weekend. אדבר איתך בקרוב.

מכור ליופי הקהילה הידידותית שלך,


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