1. Alanis Morissette’s Jagged bit Pill

I checked out a extremely fascinating story the other day in this week’s home entertainment regular about Alanis Morissette’s Jagged bit Pill. The album turns 20 years old this year (GULP!). אתה יכול להאמין כי …? It seems like I was just listening to it yesterday in my college dorm while doing o-chem as well as considering the implying of life… LOL!

So the short article had some interviews with people who were included in making the album, like Alanis, of course, who was 20 at the time, as well as her composing partner Glen Ballard. They had a extremely organic composing style, apparently. at times they’d compose an entire tune a day, as well as they completed with the whole album in weeks.


I hadn’t listened to the album in years, so I put it on the other day, as well as ya understand what? It holds up truly well! My preferred tune utilized to be One Hand in My Pocket, as well as it still is…

I’ve been singing it to infant woman a great deal this week.

2. Living proof ideal Hair Day dry Shampoo ($22)

At the danger of sounding completely as well as totally gross, I haven’t washed my hair because Sunday night.


חתולים & סווטשירט איפור ??

$ 42.

קנה עכשיו

It’s Thursday afternoon now, sooo… Yeah. I’m trying to see if I can make it to Saturday. Which will be five days.

Why am I so thrilled about this?

Well, Living proof ideal Hair Day dry Shampoo. stuff is quite great.

My long hair is a pain in the booty to style, so I’ll typically laundry it on something like a Sunday night, then curl it the complying with morning. then I’ll try to see exactly how long I can go before washing it again, since I just dewnt like to offer with the drama.

Dry shampoo truly help. With a great one such as this one from Living Proof, my roots don’t get as well oily or stinky throughout the week.

The one I’d been utilizing is from Klorane, as well as I still believe it’s extremely good, however I believe ideal hair is even better. Like, “change your life” better!

So, about dry shampoos, after I’ve utilized one for a few days in a row, the powder, which is what they’re made of, starts to develop up at the roots, as well as I can feel it stacking up as well as sitting there… typically after three days or so, I’ll get to the point where I just can’t stand it anymore.

Living proof is expected to have some newfangled dry shampoo technology, as well as the method I comprehend it, you’re expected to brush the fine powder spray with your hair, as well as when you do this, it kind of whisks away the oil, dirt as well as funk, to “clean” (air quotes) your hair. There’s likewise a fresh, light time-release fragrance that I like.

I purchased it on a whim at Sephora a few weeks back as well as have been utilizing it a great deal since. It works great! directly up, this is the cleanest as well as freshest my hair has ever felt while utilizing a dry shampoo, so homegirl is already making plans, yo! When the next VIB sale hits, I’m gonna stockpile.

3. This month’s cooking Light magazine

I’ve discussed this a few times, however after infant woman set up shop in my tum, I wasn’t truly feeling the cooking bug (feeling a bug??). Anyway, it was the first-trimester food aversion thing, however I’m just about totally over it now, so I’ve started cooking again, yay!

I mean, El Hub — that man? He did his finest to keep us fed while I didn’t want to cook, however as much as I like him, one can only eat so numerous grilled cheese sandwiches…

Now that I’m starting to cook again, I’m believing that it’s one of those perishable skills that you begin to lose if you don’t use. My good friend provided me this month’s cooking Light magazine, as well as it’s been extremely helpful, ’cause seriously, it’s like I completely failed to remember exactly how to cook anything that isn’t toast or pasta.

My OB/GYN has me eating a much more different diet plan than I typically do with the prime goal of “growing that baby!” so she has me eating meat once again (I’m typically a pescatarian, however fish still tastes a bit funny to me), as well as the mag has a lot of simple beef as well as poultry recipes, like a 20-minute fast Shepherd’s Pie (no, it’s not just for fast shepherds, haha) I made a few nights ago.

It was tasty, albeit under-seasoned, as well as that’s one thing I’ve noticed about cooking Light. They tend to go simple on the salt as well as spices.

4. RMS charm nail Polish

Vegan makeup line RMS charm just came out with a new nail polish line ($15 each as well as offered in 10 shades), as well as the ones I’ve tried are great! They’re vegan, cruelty-free as well as 5-free (no parabens, DPB, toluene, camphor, xylene or formaldehyde).

I’ve been using two coats of creamy orange curious with pearly gold Solar as an accent nail, together with a base coat (no top coat since I forgot, whoops!), as wellכמו אחרי ארבעה ימים, יש רק כמה צ ‘יפס קטן להפליא בקצות, וזה די נהדר בשבילי. אני מאמין לנסות לנסות אחד של גוונים כהים הבא.

5. סבון & תהילה Smoothie כוכב עמוק רטיבות גוף חלב (12 $)

דברים אלה מריחים כמו רועדת וניל, זה hella לחות, כמו גם בקבוק משמעותי 16.2 גרם הוא רק 12 $.


החיסרון היחיד הוא שאחרי שעשיתי לחות עם זה, אני רוצה לנער וניל. חחח!

מכור הקהילה הידידותית שלך,


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