Nuance by Salma Hayek
Get up, sleepy head! It’s Caturday morning!

There’s a time to be nuanced, as well as there’s a time to…talk about Nuance, as in Salma Hayek’s CVS-exclusive Nuance makeup line.


If you’ve been kickin’ it at CVS lately, you may have observed that Salma Hayek’s Nuance makeup products have a new look to them.

Nuance debuted in 2011 (remember the alien egg eyeshadow packaging?), however the color products kind of drifted away for a while… however they’re back now with new products, formulas as well as packaging.

Wearing Nuance perfect surface Blur perfection Primer, the natural meaning angled Brow Pencil in medium Dark, long & rich Volumizing Mascara, perfect surface Illuminating blush & Bronzer Duo, limitless Eye impacts shadow Collection in Neutral Expressions as well as wetness rich Lipstick in Pink Lotus… נ.ב. might this hair be any type of bigger? חחח!
The brand is all about ingredients, as well as a few of them are exotic, particularly for a drugstore brand. Salma states that the women in her household have utilized a few of them for generations, like monoi butter (in the lipstick); cotton blossom (in the mascara as well as brow gel); soothing tepezchuite extract (in the night cream, anti-aging cream as well as skin cleanser); blue agave, a naturally moisturizing humectant (the Blue Agave hair line); mamey fruit sapote to condition hair; jojoba oil as well as raw honey.


חתולים & סווטשירט איפור ??

$ 42.

קנה עכשיו

The entire color line has been reformulated (but they kept the original foundation) as well as includes eye shadows, a cream concealer, moisturizing lipstick, brow pencil, cream illuminators as well as shadow sticks.

Endless Eye impacts shadow Collection in Neutral Expressions 800

A mighty mascara

It’s a full makeup range. There are face, eye, brow, lip as well as cheek products, as well as every single product is less than $20 as well as special to CVS.

I just took a few of them out for a spin (an eyeshadow palette, a blush/bronzer duo, a brow pencil, a mascara, a matte deal with primer, a couple lipsticks as well as a gloss) as well as the $9.99 mascara stole the show.

Flawless surface Illuminating blush & Bronzer Duo in Bronzed Rosewood 560
You already understand about all my lash curl woes, so I won’t go into it once again for like the billionth time… however I’ll just state that this mascara holds a charming curl, as well as there isn’t a clump in מראה. I provide it two enthusiastic thumbs up.??

Moisture rich Lipsticks in Lotus Pink as well as Terracotta
The eye/lip/cheek/brow sitch

As for the other makeup products, in terms of exactly how well they work for me, I believe they’re all quite great for a drugstore brand — absolutely similar to Cover Girl, Almay as well as Maybelline, however I don’t feel like they’re rather as performance-driven as L’Oreal or Revlon, which I believe of as the “higher end” of drugstore makeup.

Flawless surface Illuminating blush & Bronzer Duo in Bronzed Rosewood 560
These are just my very first impressions, as well as I understand I’m going to keep utilizing the products a lot more since of their price, however I believe the eyeshadow might be a lot more pigmented as well as much easier to blend (the grains are rather larger side, so they tend to scoot around). exact same goes for the blush/bronzer combo.

The brow pencil is likewise incredibly duper sheer, as well as it takes what seems like an unusual amount of it to send Raul back into his corner (that cheeky bugger).

The primer has a great glide to it…but I can feel it on my skin. as well as the lipsticks as well as glosses, while moisturizing, like to migrate beyond my lip lines.

Endless Eye impacts shadow Collection in Neutral Expressions 800
From the left: wetness rich Lipstick in Terracotta, wetness rich Lipstick in Lotus Pink as well as Plumping liquid Lipstick in Mulled Wine
Considering the prices, though, I believe they’re all worth a try — perhaps next time you’re at CVS trying to find a notebook to replace the one your feline barfed on.


If you occur to roam over to the Nuance display, seriously, look at that mascara, too. זה טוב.

מכור הקהילה הידידותית שלך,


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