Let’s hear it for the boyyyys! I gotta hand it to El Hub as well as Tabs for always keeping me on my toes. Those two… I never understand what to expect from them, even besides this time.

Like today — today I discovered that Tabs likes tea.


מי ידע?

Because this morning I made a cup of decaf Irish breakfast tea (it’s very tasty! — the one from Trader Joe’s), put a hearty sprinkle of milk in it, as well as set the cup down on my desk when I sat down to write.

Shortly thereafter, Tabs jumped up on the desk, as well as I just presumed that he was going to do what he typically does, which is to walk across the desk toward the window, where he likes to look outside.


חתולים & סווטשירט איפור ??

$ 42.

קנה עכשיו

I wasn’t truly paying interest since I had my eyes on the screen, however then I heard a bit tabby tongue lapping something up as well as realized, OH, CRAP! He’s drinking my tea.

חחח! #smdh

Oh, don’t even get me started on traumatic tea events… seems like my desk is a magnet for them (remind me to tell you about the “Onion Tea Incident” someday, however I can’t talk about it best now since the believed of it just triggered my gag reflex).

So, yeah, view your feline around your morning beverages… Sneaky kittehs…

L’Oreal Cleansing Balms

This next one isn’t tea related, however I’ve likewise been into these new cleansing balms by L’Oreal lately.

וואו! Years ago, back when I started MBB, I never would have believed we’d be seeing inexpensive sulfate-, silicone- as well as paraben-free hair products at stores like CVS, Rite aid as well as Target, however these cleansing balms are precisely that. They’re about $12 for a huge 16.9-oz. בקבוק.

These would have been the type of products I would have had to get at a specialty charm store or salon, as well as they would have been a great deal much more than $12… Drugstores have come a loooong way.

So, these non-lathering cleansers? I believe they’re great. You utilize them in location of your routine shampoo as well as conditioner, where they clean as well as condition in one fell swoop, as well as they do it without stripping color or wetness from your hair or weighing it down.

The general concept has been around for many years (google “conditioner washing” or “co-washing”), so these aren’t revolutionary, however I like that the concept is much more mainstream now.

I started co-washing years ago, as well as I believe it was one of the things that saved my damaged (from warm styling) color-treated hair as well as brought it back from the brink. I completely believe in it.

The cleansing balms right here are available in three “flavors” — EverCurl for curly hair, EverPure for colored hair, as well as EverCreme for dry as well as damaged hair, as well as I’ve tried all three. all of them are developed to cleanse, condition, treat, detangle, soften as well as improve shine.

And all of those things are great, however my preferred thing about these is exactly how clean they make my scalp feel without stripping my hair. It just feels silky soft…

I’ve been alternating utilizing the balms with a separate foaming shampoo as well as conditioner (to eliminate any type of product buildup staying in my hair), as well as that seems to work well for me.

I’d compare these to the much much more costly conditioning cleansers by Pureology… They’re a fantastic drugstore choice if you’re wanting to save a few $!

A infant woman update…

Yesterday at my routine regular checkup, I discovered out that BG appears to be ahead of schedule. She might be showing up any type of day now!

Mind you, I’m still totally terrified of the process of labor since I’ve never done it before as well as don’t understand what to expect (althoug I’m doing my finest to stay calm as well as keep a positive outlook), however I’m much more than prepared to not feel my back as well as hips ache all the time long.

I’d been hoping that BG would stay put as well as marinate for a couple much more weeks (her due-ish date was March 7)…but if she chooses to get this show on the road, I’m completely okay with that. I’m not totally prepared, however at least my medical facility bag is lastly packed!

My newest addiction: gross science

One last thing before I jet. I’m completely addicted to this regular science show on YouTube by PBS called Gross Science.

Since we’re all buddies here, I believed you may delight in this section with three unexpected concerns about periods…

ללא שם: — as well as I likewise believed this video was fascinating as well. It talks about mosquitos, the Zika virus, as well as an emerging gene innovation called the CRISPR gene Drive.


Now, I apologize in advancement for this video’s thumbnail picture…because it’s gross (sorry), however I truly do believe the video is rather interesting.מכור הקהילה הידידותית שלך,


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